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Make second-hand online sales by brands, retailers and logistics providers profitable and as saleable as new

Your second-hand items are photographed, described and put online on your e-commerce site and marketplaces in less than two minutes with the same standards as the “new”.

Complete description file with standardised photos

M Saint James sailor sweater

The Saint James sailor top, a timeless piece par excellence, especially second hand. Chic or rock, it adapts to all styles and will mix with other prints. We found this unique sweater for you, in size M and in very good condition.


  • Long sleeves

  • Fit: loose

  • Patterns: striped

Size: M

Condition: very good condition

Product details:

  • Colors: white and blue

  • Main composition: cotton

  • Length: standard

#pull #pullsaintJames #pullmarinière #sizeM #Vintage

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Sell your second-hand items online like new
in less than two minutes

Selling a second-hand item requires costly and time-consuming operations for a lower residual margin.

With Enhancy, your second-hand items are sold online to the same standards as your new e-commerce in less than two minutes thanks to a technological chain that covers all operational digitalization needs .

Implement our online solutions directly in your warehouse or stores.



Your item is identified using our artificial intelligence for visual recognition and photos of its labels.



A unique reference number (SKU) is generated in barcode format to track your item.



Your item is photographed to the same standards as new items, with no need for a photographer or post-production.


The product sheet is automatically generated with your standardised photos, a full description, optimised SEO, pricing and merchandising.


Your article is published on your site and in multi-channel via API (online site, marketplace, CMS, PIM...).

Sell your items
from your warehouse or store.

Optimise your operations according to your sourcing and logistics flows.

We design a photo studio to suit your items (flat, hanger, 360° photos, photo booth, fixed camera, tablet) and your spatial environment.

a photo studio in a warehouse
a photo studio in the back of a shop

Develop, optimise and industrialise
your new second-hand business lever


more economical

No more need for a photographer, editor, merchandiser, product manager... your items are put online only by your handlers or sellers.



Spend 20 minutes to 2 minutes to photograph, describe and publish your items.

You industrialize your second-hand offer at high volume.


more conversion

With standardized photos, a complete description, high - performance  SEO and multi-channel sales, you can sell your second hand goods like new.

On a day-to-day basis, we help them to take this new e-commerce direction and embody sustainability.

Mad Vintage thrift shop and player in the circular economy
Reconomia refurbisher and player in the circular economy
Lizee solution to circular economy

Europe's second-largest clothing wholesaler

Appliance reconditioner

Second-hand logistics specialist

“By 2026, more than 1 billion second-hand items will be put online by brands and retailers in Europe. Now is the time to seize this business opportunity”


Take advantage of our network of logisticians to outsource your operations.

You can also entrust us with all your operations for turnkey management of your online launch and logistics for sales in France and Europe. We rely on a network of expert second-hand logisticians equipped with our solutions.

Item Condition
Product sheet writing
Repair & cleaning
Photo taking
Publication of e-commerce site & marketplaces
Shipping & Returns

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